Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of Digital Signature certificate available?

We provide all types of Digital Signature certificate i.e Class 2 and Class 3 individual type, organization type, only Signing, signing with encryption.

How long does it takes to get my Digital Signature ready?

Digital Signature gets ready within 20 minutes after you have provided all the documents and completed the video and mobile verification.

What is the validity of the Digital Signature certificate?

We provide Digital Signature certificate for 1 year, 2 years and 3 years.

Why should I purchase from you?

First of all we are providing you doorstep services. So you do not have to waste your valuable time in visiting our office. you can just sit at your office or home and get your digital signature certificate, thus saving your valuable time

Secondly, we are providing you complete technical support till your digital signature expires. If you find any issues in using digital signature in any portal or any purpose, just give us a call and get your problem solved.

Third, we offer one  FREE TENDER UPLOAD with purchase of Digital Signature Certificate. There are many more things you can experience after using our products and services 

What is the difference between different class 2 and class 3 digital signature?

The basic differnce between Class 2 and Class 3 is that  Class 3 is  the highest form of Digital Signature and thus it is highly secured. 

Which Class of Digital Signature is required for E-Tendering?

Normally Class 2 Digital Signature works in the website designed by NIC but it is advisable to use atleast Class 3 only Signing for E-Tendering.

Which Class of Digital Signature is required for GST, EPFO, ESIC, Company Registration?

Both Class 2/Class 3 of any year can be used in the following above portal. 

How can we purchase Digital Signature Certificate from you?

You can just fill the contact form or directly call us or message on Whatsapp and our executives will guide you the process.